Why I cannot access my older permits?

Please make sure that the email used to register your Angeleno Account is the same email used previsously to sign up for your Bureau of Engineering Account.

Can I have multiple Angeleno Accounts?

Yes, you can, but services/permits submitted under one account cannot be accessed under the another account.

How Do I Log Into the Customer Portal With My Old Angeleno Account?

If you previously signed up for an Angeleno Account with a different City department, your email is already in the Angeleno Account System and all you would need to do is to use this existing account to sign on to the BOE Customer Portal.

Therefore, when you try to sign up, it will say there's already an account. However, the password parameters are very different so you will need to reset your password prior to being able to log in.

You can do this by clicking on "Need help signing in?" just under the "Next" button on the login page https://angelenologin.lacity.org then clicking "Forgot your password?". We recommend to Reset via Email. Once you reset your password, you would automatically be logged into the Angeleno account.

However, upon navigating to BOE's Customer Portal, you will need to click "Login" and the system should automatically prompt you to update your account.

Once you do this step, the request/permits you had submitted should automatically link to your Angeleno account.