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America Online Settings
Clearing the Cache
On the Settings menu on the AOL toolbar, click Preferences.
In the Organization section of the Preferences window, click Internet Properties (WWW).
In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete Files.
Click OK.

Enabling JavaScript (This is done from your Desktop, not inside the browser)
Click on Start.
Click on Settings.
Choose Control Panel.
Click on the "INTERNET" icon.
Click on the tab marked "ADVANCED".
Under Cookies make sure the radio button is set to Always accept cookies.
To enable Java under Java VM make sure Java JIT compiler enabled checkbox is selected.
Click on OK until you're back out of the options menu.
Browser Settings
The AOL browser, including AOL 7.0, does not require any special configuration to work with our applications. It should be set with default (installed) settings. Also, if your AOL Browser does not support our applications, you can also connect to AOL, then launch another browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6.0 to our site.