How do I setup my browser to work with the Bureau of Engineering Permit Applications:

Your browser must be JavaScript enabled (most browsers are).

If you receive a message that indicate that either your browser does not support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled, you need to do the following to enable JavaScript in your browser:

Netscape Users:

Click Edit then Click Preferences as shown below:

You will see the following screen:

Expand the Advanced Options by clicking on the Plus sign next to it.

Make sure that " Enable JavaScript " is checked and " Accept all cookies " is selected.

Click OK to save the new settings.

Other Recommended Settings:
Most browsers tend to cache previously visited pages from your local hard drive instead of reading them from the server.  This is to make your browser load pages faster.
This approach is not recommended when dealing with applications that use dynamic page because the page content may be different when you revisit the same page.

Please do the following to force your browser to load the application pages every time you visit the server:

Click Edit , then Click Preferences

The following screen will be displayed.  Make sure that " Advanced " and " Cache " are selected as shown on figure.

Make sure that Every time is checked as shown.

Click OK to save these settings.

In some versions of Netscape you may have to hold the Shift button and Click the Refresh icon in the Netscape toolbar to get the page to refresh.