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Planning Case Referral Form (PCRF)
When to Use a Planning Case Referral Form (PCRF)

Purpose: This document will establish preliminary right of way requirements for projects for which a Master Land Use Application is required other than for a subdivision.

The Planning Case Referral Form (PCRF) is required if the Master Land Use Application is for a project which includes one of the following:

  • New Construction or Addition to the Floor Area for commercial and/or industrial purposes in any zone.
  • New construction, alteration, increasing dwelling units for multi-family buildings in any zone.
  • Zone Changes
  • The PCRF is not required for projects involving a subdivision or Single Family dwelling in the Hillside Area. (Refer to L.A.M.C. 12.21 A 17 e and a Hillside Referral Form)

    A City Engineer�s Land Use Report supersedes and is required to establish final conditions for which a PCRF has been prepared and which requires establishment of conditions for the approval of a Master Land Use Application.

    A PCRF expires after 2 years.

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