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This program is provided mainly for the Bureau of Engineering (BoE) employees to access unit prices on commonly used construction items. The prices are based on bid history and other current and past available information. Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy information provided.

The Bureau is providing this information to help formulate a rough cost estimate for an average project. The user must consider all aspect of the project that influence construction cost such as: size of project, inflation rate, availability of materials, labor and special equipment, location and other pertinent information (special circumstances: restrictive rules, requirements, policy, ordinances; limited or restrictive access to the site; small or large quantities, etc) and use independent judgment to adjust the price of each item based on experience and knowledge of that particular project conditions are essential. The provider of this information assumes no responsibility or liability arising from use of this program.

The "Use of this program" by City employees for personnel gain and/or private use, is prohibited and punishable by disciplinary action which may include termination and/or criminal prosecution. The term "Use of this program" includes the unauthorized use of the equipment, hardware, software, or other tangible articles, and also the time a City employee engaging in the unauthorized use while on duty.

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